Summer School on Data Assimilation and its applications in Oceanography, Hydrology, Risk & Safety and Reservoir Engineering

July 16 2023 - July 28 2023

“The fantastic support received from USAMV regarding the logistical organization and administrative coordination was instrumental in the success of the summer school. The efficiency and attention to detail of your team significantly eased the planning process, allowing us to focus on delivering a flawless educational experience.

The weekend visit to the Apoldia Maior Vineyard Resort was exceptional and complemented the participants’ experience, adding a cultural touch and social interaction that helped foster better communication among attendees. We are delighted to have collaborated with such a prestigious institution as USAMV, and we look forward to the possibility of future collaborations to continue developing educational initiatives that benefit students and the community.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks for the outstanding support and commitment that were essential in turning the event into a great success. Please convey our gratitude to all the faculty, staff, and volunteers who contributed to this initiative, especially towards Rector Prof. dr. Cornel Catoi, Prorector Prof.dr. Ioana Pop and Prodecan Prof.dr. Florica Matei.”

Summer School on Data Assimilation and its applications in Oceanography, Hydrology, Risk & Safety and Reservoir Engineering

Where The Bright Minds Meet

Our purpose is to get together experts in the field of data assimilation from different schools (statistics, decision analysis, system and control, pure mathematics, engineering, etc.) and to make use of their knowledge by:

  • educating graduate students, young and senior researchers;
  • transferring knowledge from the best lecturers to the students;
  • exposing the Romanian students, academics and researchers to the most recent theoretical/algorithmic approaches and their applications;
  • having extensive discussions and exchanging ideas;
  • working hands-on with academic and commercial dedicated software.

This summer school targets primarily students and researchers at an early stage of their career with/without previous experience in data assimilation.


1st week

  1. R&S = Andreas Stordal and Patrick Raanes (NORCE, Norway) – Ensemble methods, Theory and Phyton exercises
  2. Geir Evensen (NORCE, Norway) – An integrated story for ensemble methods
  3. Prof. Femke Vossepoel (TU Delft) – Particle filters
  4. Prof. Arnold Heemink (TU Delft) – Variational methods
  5. Tina Nane (TU Delft) – Bayesian Belief Networks
  6. Anca Hanea (CEBRA, Melbourne, Australia) – Risk quantification, risk management, Expert Judgment and Safety issues

2nd week

  1. Laurent Bertino (NANSEN center, Norway) – Oceanography and Environmental Applications
  2. Gosia Kaleta (Shell, The Netherlands) – Energy related topics
  3. Matteo Ravasi (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) – Inverse modelling and Machine Learning in Geophysics
  4. V&V = Prof. Dr. Martin Verlaan (TU Delft and Deltares, The Netherlands) & Nils van Velzen (Vortech, The Netherlands) – The Open DA paradigm – theory and the toolbox
  5. Olga Lucia Montoya (Universidad EAFIT) – Atmospheric Data Assimilation related topics
  6. Jimmy Zurcher (Equinor) – Geomodelling and parameterization as basis for decision making

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Travel Information


The lectures will be held at:

Address: University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca, Calea Mănăștur 3-5

Cluj Napoca, Romania


Hotel Cristal, Strada Moldovei 17, Cluj-Napoca

Hotel Pami, Calea Mănăștur nr. 37-41, Cluj-Napoca

Cămin Agronomia 2, Calea Moților nr. 74-76, Cluj-Napoca

600 €
  • Attendance
  • Lectures and workshops,
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Cultural program